1. What is the difference between mentoring, coaching and counseling?

Mentoring: I combine my life experience with my professional experience as a mental health counselor and life coach.  I use this knowledge to guide you to the best possible combination of methods for your unique situation.

Coaching: I partner with you to create the vision of the relationship you want. You learn the skills and tools to reach that goal. I hold you accountable to follow through on your step by step process to your successful relationship.

Counseling: I use the methods of the newest brain science, positive psychology, healthy thinking, healthy life theories that are proven powerful methods for positive change in people’s lives.

  1. Where do we meet for appointments?

If you are living in the Portland, Oregon area, we meet in my office located near the intersection of highways I-5 and 217 in the Tigard/Lake Oswego area: 6950 SW Hampton, #317.  If you are doing Couples Communication for One, we can meet in my office or by telephone.

  1. How do we get started?

Contact me at diana@savvylifeskills.com, to arrange a free half-hour telephone or in-person consultation to discuss your custom-designed relationship-improvement program.

  1. How often should we meet for couples communication mentoring?

Every relationship is different, but long-lasting change takes time. Experience has shown that people who commit at least three months to their relationship improvement have the best results. Most people get started by scheduling three to six sessions to set goals and learn tools and skills. Meeting every other week gives time to do homework and practice new skills.

  1. How long is a session?

Appointments usually last 50 minutes.

  1. How much does it cost?

A single 50 minute mentor session costs $130. A three-session package is $351. A six-session package is $702. Three and six session packages receive a 10% discount. This is payable by Paypal prior to beginning your Couples Communication Mentoring program.

  1. Is mentoring covered by insurance?

Mentoring is not covered by insurance.

  1. What is your cancellation policy?

Because your appointment time is reserved especially for you, there are no refunds for missed sessions.  There is a minimum 72-hour notice to reschedule.

  1. What about Booster Sessions?

Let’s face it, maintaining successful change can be challenging.  Somewhere down the line you may find yourselves slipping back to some old relationship bad habits. When that happens, I encourage you to come back to see me for a few Booster Sessions to help you to stay on the right track.

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